Contact Information

Monson H. Hayes
Georgia Institute of Technology
School of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Atlanta, GA 30332

Ph.D. Students

    1. Lindi Karlsson, “Least Squares ARMA Modeling of Linear Time-Varying Systems – Lattice Filter Structures and Fast RLS Algorithms”, Ph.D. Thesis, June 1987.

    2. Mitch Wilkes, “Subspace Techniques for the Estimation of Harmonic Processes with Applications to Passive Sonar”, Ph.D. Thesis, August 1987 (Professor, Vanderbilt University).

    3. David Mazel, “Fractal Modeling of Time-Series Data”, Ph.D. Thesis, June 1991.   

    4. Wooshik Kim, “Phase Retrieval Using Two Fourier Transform Intensities with Application to X-Ray Crystallography”, Ph.D. Thesis, August 1991 (Sejong University, Korea).

    5. Armin Kittel, “A Symbolic Representation for Signals”, Ph.D. Thesis, March 1992.

    6. Ayhan Sakarya, “Signal Detection and Classification Using Passive Arrays on High Power Transformers”, Ph.D. Thesis, June 1992.

    7. Greg Vines,  “Signal Modeling with Iterated Function Systems”, Ph.D. Thesis, May 1993.

    8. Sam Liu, “Video Image Coding”, Ph.D. Thesis, Hewlett-Packard, June 1993.

    9. Bauldine Paul, “Video Coding Using Iterated Function Systems”, Ph.D. Thesis, August 1995.

    10. Antai Peng, “Speech Expression Modeling and Synthesis”, Ph.D. Thesis, May 1996 (Morgan Stanley).

    11. Haluk Aydinoglu, “Stereo Image Compression”, Ph.D. Thesis, May 1997.

    12. Jeff Price, “High Resolution Image Synthesis”, Ph.D. Thesis, August 1999.

    13. Ara Nefian, “Face Detection and Recognition Using Hidden Markov Models”, Ph.D. Thesis, December 1999 (NASA-Ames).

    14. Darnell Moore, “Action Recognition”, Ph.D. Thesis, June 2000 (Texas Instruments).

    15. Qin Jiang, “Stereo Video Compression”, Ph.D. Thesis, September 2000 (Hughes Aircraft).

    16. Michelle Jamrozik, “Spatio-Temporal Segmentation in the Compressed Domain”, Ph.D. Thesis, December 2002.

    17. Umit Aziz Batur, “Illumination-Robust Face Recognition”, Ph.D. Thesis, August 2003 (Texas Instruments). 

    18. Sangkeun Lee, “Video Abstraction and Analysis in the Compressed Domain”, Ph.D. Thesis, December 2003 (Chung-Ang University, Seoul, Korea).

    19. Jialin Tian, “Reconstruction of Irregularly Sampled Interferograms in Imaging Fourier Transform Spectroscopy”, Ph.D. Thesis, June 2004 (NASA-Langley).

    20. Amol Borkar, “Multi-Viewpoint Lane Detection with Applications in Driver Safety Systems," Ph.D. Thesis, May 2012 (Intel).

    21. Smita Vemulapalli, “Muathematical Content Recognition for Classroom Videos," Ph.D. Thesis, Dec. 2012 (Boston Consulting Group)

Former Masters Students

    1. James Gaby, “Knowledge-Based Power Spectrum Estimation”, M.S. Thesis, June 1994.

    2. Dan Rissacher, “Neural Network Recognition of Pain State in EEG Recordings”, M.S. Thesis, December 2002.