Contact Information

Monson H. Hayes
Georgia Institute of Technology
School of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Atlanta, GA 30332




    1. M.H. Hayes, Statistical Digital Signal Processing and Modeling, John Wiley & Sons, New York, 1996.
    2. M.H. Hayes, Digital Signal Processing, Schaum's Outline Series, McGraw-Hill, New York, 1999.


    1. M.H. Hayes, “Signal Reconstruction From Spectral Phase or Spectral Magnitude,” in Advances in Computer Vision and Image Processing, Chapter 3, vol. 1, Edited by T.S. Huang, JAI Press, 1984.
    2. M.H. Hayes, “The Unique Reconstruction of Multidimensional Sequences From Fourier Transform Magnitude or Phase,” in Image Recovery: Theory and Application, Chapter 6, Edited by H. Stark, Academic Press, 1986.

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M.H. Hayes, From Probability Theory to Discrete Random Signals.
Table of Contents and a Sample Chapter will be available soon. Email the author if you want more information.


"This book is the culmination of a project that began as a set of notes for a graduate course offered at Georgia Tech. In writing this book, there have been many challenges. One of these was the selection of an appropriiate title for the book. Althought the title that was selected is Statistical Digital Signal Processing and Modeling, any one of a number of other titles could equally well have been chosen. For example, if the title of a book is to capture its central theme, then the title perhaps could have been Least Squares Theory in Signal Processing. If, on the other hand the title should reflect the role of the book within the context of a course curriculuum, then the title should have been A Second Course in Discrete-Time Signal Processing. Whatever the title, the goal of this book remains the same: To provide a comprehansive treatment of signal processing algorithms for modeling discrete-time signals, designing optimum digital filters, estimating the power spectrum of a random process, and designing and implementing adaptive filters."

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"Digital Signal Processing (DSP) is concerned with the representation of signals in digital form, and with the processing of these signals and the information that they carry. This book is concerned with the fundamentals of DSP, and there are two ways that the reader may use this book to learn about DSP. First, it may be used as a supplement to any one of a number of excellent DSP textbooks by providing the reader with a rich source of worked problems and examples. Alternatively, it may be used as a self-study guide to DSP, using the method of learning by example. With either approach, this book has been written with the goal of providing the reader with a broad range of problems having different levels of difficulty. In addition to problems that may be considered drill, the reader will find more challenging problems that require some creativity in their solution, as well as problems that explore practical applications such as computing the payments on a home mortgage. When possible, a problem is worked in several different ways, or alternative methods of solution are suggested."

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